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Career Transformation 1-on-1 mentorship

At some point in life, you will need a mentor. You can’t always do it alone. Now, here’s what you get if you buy: We will hop on a private call together for 60 to 90 minutes, one on one, and chart out the entire roadmap for your career.

Are you struggling as a developer in code life & fitness?

I always admire & believe that every one of us is unique in some way or other & can make an impact on tech.

“Every person is unique & needs a mentor in her/his life to guide him where courses fail to help.”

I am just another person on this planet who ascertained his passion for software development & testing during my tech transformation journey, that’s why I believe my tech journey is not engaging but exciting enough.

Let me start with my early days:

I was an average college student during my bachelor days & hardly able to concentrate on programming those days. Why I start with this because many young talents think this is a pre-requisite to start the tech journey, which is not true 100%. Some of the things we learn as we meet awesome people in our life.

I recall when applying endlessly for my first switch after my first job when I get rejection letter after rejection letter.

My Love for JavaScript & much more:

Then I moved to Pune back in 2014, I met my biggest source of guidance, He is the man who guides me/teach me/mentor me unknowingly.

It’s not necessary that you know who your mentor (look is around), anyone can be your mentor whom you think is doing good stuff around you, just follow them, ask a question to them, you will be amazed by end results.❤

I concentrate more & more on JavaScript & yes my old mentor was absolutely right, everything becomes so easy to use & to be honest when you can talk in one language you can build stuff in much better way.

1.5 million Engineers in India are passing out every year run the risk of not getting a job at all but good point is there are more & more developer jobs than ever before.

The numbers are alarming. Most of the engineering graduates who fail to grab an employment in their respective industry, end up joining call centres or BPO units in MNCs.

Tons of people apply for the same job and tough road is out there, more people with years of experience.

In today’s Covid scenario, competition becomes even global, predication are by 2025 person who have better skills, can work from anywhere.

This 1-1 consultation is for you if:

  • You’re a college student who wants to get a head start over his peer.
  • You feel like your programming career isn’t going anywhere.
  • You’re resume always gets ignored.
  • You want to build an online presence which is must now to stand out & face the global competition.
  • You want to break through the ranks of so-so programmers and become the best of the best
  • You want to discuss how to become fit as a coder, why fitness is an important part of a developer life
  • You have any personal life issue which is stopping you to move ahead.

Career Transformation 1-on-1 mentorship

You’ll get a live video or audio call

Here’s what we’ll be covering in your consultation call:
• Should you go for 9-5 Or Should you freelance
• How to ace your interview and get your dream job
• Which programming language should you learn for maximum ROI
• How to stay fit as a coder (This is crucial. You will be sitting all day. That’s bad for you.)

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• Which code editor to use

• What fancy framework is right for you
• How to go about mastering this skill
• Which database to leverage
• How much time you’ll need to dedicate
and much more.


$39 only

How my work will benefit you?

I explore through my work is, “How can I help people to live better?” I explore great ideas and make them actionable.

My work focuses on topics about coding, life & fitness
• How to become a better developer
• How to add good choices in life & subtract bad choices
• How to accomplish a fit body with the help of science.
• How to win people & make good professional relationships
• How to achieve awesome results in your next tech interview
• How to effectively utilize your time (Time is allocation first money later)


“Sometimes we all need motivation, to continue. We know a lot, but we cannot know everything. In my journey into tech I was feeling down a few weeks ago but @TheAnkurTyagi was really supportive.”

“All my questions were answered in a detailed way”

“The roadmap scripted for web dev is awesome”

“Go-to person when it comes to coding advice”

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Join my 2-1-1 Friday newsletterEvery Friday, I send out my “2-1-1” newsletter with 2 tips on coding career from my experience, 1 life relationship tip from my experience & book readings, and 1 fitness tip.

Sign up with the form below to get a new edition in your inbox every week.

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